DRX System software preinstalled on an embedded Network / WiFi computer

The TORBAL DRX System software is furnished preinstalled on an embedded computer -The TORBAL Rx Server. This all solid state device has been designed to allow multiple DRX-500s pill counting scales to function in a network environment, both in a Wi-Fi wireless and Ethernet wired configurations. The server is also preinstalled with the complete National Drug Code Directory database, and allows users to store a centralized database of drug average pill weights (APW) which are shared between all scales connected to the system.

The server controls the DRX-500s pill counting stations and tracks all pill counting transactions as well as user activity. During each pill counting transaction the server sends the scale detailed information about the counted medication.

The WiFi configuration allows for a simple Plug-and-Play setup. The TORBAL server is designed to handle a network of up to 30 DRX500s pill counting scales. Scales can be connected directly to server, or through a hub or a switch of your existing local area network, as well as, a remotely over the internet.

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