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In order that every pharmacist may be sure that their system database is current and contains the latest data pertinent to their drugs, Torbal allows the user to build their own database as part of their normal routine. The database is built as you perform counting transactions. The pore scripts you fill the faster the database is built.  In a busy pharmacy the database is built in a matter of weeks.

Another reason why we do not provide a database is because the scales that are furnished with expensive preloaded databases require almost immediate updating to a later drug lot number for optimum counting accuracy. When building you own database you know that you have the most current and up to date information. Maintaining our database is very easy and it is also something that can be part of you counting routine. The DRX 5s series is also equipped with a database reminder feature that reminds you to perform updates.

The Torbal DRX-500s series allows the user to store 4 parameters for each of 10,000 different drugs.  Every drug stored in this large database, which is housed in a 512.K EPROM, has space for the drug NDC Code, the drug name, the latest Lot Number, the average piece weight, and the date the drug is entered into the memory.  The name and lot number are optional entries, but we recommend that you take advantage of the feature. This capability, when combined with the ability to add an external PC Keyboard for alphanumeric entries, provides the unmatched data entry and storage capabilities required for optimum counting accuracy.

The DRX-4c has a 3,000 drug database and stores the NDC Code along with its associated average pill weight.  The DRX-4c provides the same 3 step pill counting as the DRX-5 series.

The primary purpose of the database is to store the average piece weight for each drug versus the NDC code for that drug.  The average piece weight of a pill should not be confused with its dosage weight.  The average piece weight relates to the total weight of a pill, where the dosage weight refers only to the weight of the active ingredient.