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Pill Counters

Pill Counters

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DRX500SX /nw Pill Counting System

  • Fast, Powerful, and affordable pill counters which emphasize scalability and reliability
  • Preloaded with TORBAL DRX-5SX System software and National Drug Code directory
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet ready for LAN connectivity
  • Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy Features
  • Automatic reporting and E-mail Alerts
  • Includes over 30 Features andFunctions

DRX300s & DRX500s

  • High performance pill counter with automatic internal calibration
  • 10,000 drug database capacity (including drug names and LOT numbers)
  • RX Verification (including quick verification for creams or inhalers
  • 9 Pill Counting Features including Onscreen Instruction, Data Entry Reminder,
    Advance Pill Counting Accuracy, as well as Drug Name and LOT Number labeling…
  • 6 Compounding Feature


  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • 3,000 drug database capacity
  • Counting transaction Receipt Printing
  • Easy Calibration
  • Compounding


  • Basic Pill Counting
  • Automatic Internal Calibration
  • Onscreen Instructions
  • 6 Compounding Features


  • Excellent price to performance ratio
  • Basic Pill Counting
  • Receipt Printing
  • Compounding