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PCS-1 Concept Counter

PCS-1 Concept Pill Counter

PCS-1 Pill Counter (Beta)

TORBAL is proud to introduce our first fully automated tablet and pill counter. The PCS-1 combines state-of-art mechanics with innovative photo-optics to provide you with the ultimate pill counting experience. When counting with the PCS-1 you do not have to worry about cross-contamination and frequent cleaning of the unit. After you key in the number of pills you wish to count the PCS-1 extracts the selected amount of pills directly from the supply bottle, straight into the prescription vial. Pills never come in contact with any mechanical parts of the unit. Counting with the TORBAL PCS-1 is hand free, fast safe and accurate.


Features and Specifications

  • NO Cross-Contamination
  • NO Frequent Cleaning or maintenance
  • NO Overfilling
  • Fast, Safe, Intuitive, and Accurate
  • Fully Automatic and Hands Free
  • RX Verification
  • Biometric Login
  • Transaction log storing
  • Pre-programmed quantity count. keys
  • Two LCD display
  • Automatic vial lifting
  • Die-cast metal housing
  • Two RS232 ports
  • Network Ready

So how is the Torbal PCS1 able to count pills at high speeds without having them come in contact with moving parts of the counter? The concept is actually very simple:
Each PCS1 pill counter will be supplied with dispensers that are estimated to cost only 0.85 cents. 500 dispensers will be included with the initial purchase of the machine. The dispensers are designed to be installed on supply bottles of almost any size or shape. All you have to do is unscrew the supply bottle cap and replace it with an appropriate size dispenser which remains on the supply bottle until it is emptied. It maybe reused again on a new supply bottle for the same drug only in order to avoid any cross-contamination. All dispensers are made with self lubricating plastics that are rugged and very durable. Once the dispenser is installed on a supply bottle you are ready to count pills. The genius design of the dispenser makes the counter clean and relatively maintenance free.

Pill counting with a PCS1 is a quick and an easy operation. To perform pill counting, simply insert the dispenser into the pill counter, place a vial on the pill counters elevator, select the number of pills you wish to count and press start.  The PCS1 will do the rest.  The machine is fully automatic and does not require any attendance. The elevator will raise the vial to the appropriate position. A solenoid will open the dispenser’s valve and the machine will extract the required number of pills into the vial. The pills free fall from the dispenser into the vial without touching any parts of the machine. While falling at very high speeds the tablets pass through an optical photo sensor that counts pills. The machine stops dispensing exactly at the desired count. Once the count is finished the elevator will lower the vial, the supply bottle may be removed from the counter and placed back on the shelf.
Since the pills perform a free fall from the dispenser into the vial dust and residue is never an issue, therefore, frequent cleaning and maintenance is not required.

The PCS1 pill counter is equipped with a biometric scanner that is used for controlling access to the pill counter, and for storing counting transaction logs. To login before counting all you have to do is swipe your finger on the biometric reader. The PCS1 will then store a three month log of every counting transaction performed. At any time you may look-up who performed a transaction, what drug was counted, what quantity was requested and whether or not verification was performed.

The PCS1 is equipped with quick count keys that let you select the most common counted quantities with a push of a single key. It is also equipped with a fully sealed numeric keypad which makes configuring and controlling the machine quick and easy. The PCS1 comes with an optional barcode scanner that allows you to perform NDC verification of counted pills. The machine is equipped with two LCD displays, a large florescent type display indicates the count, while a backlit pixel type display shows onscreen instructions, commands, and drug related information. The PCS1 is equipped with two RS232 ports and it is network ready.