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Counting Features

Counting Features

Three - Step Pill Counting

This is the optimized procedure for rapid pill counts. This is where the pharmacist saves a lot valuable time, avoids frustration, and justifies the capital expenditure for the scale. The steps are tare, scan, and pour. This simple counting procedure compares very favorably with the highest speed counters, especially when secondary operations like cleaning are factored into the total time required.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s, DRX-4C

NDC Verification

This very important security and safety feature is something that every pharmacy should have as part of its script filling procedure. It verifies that the supply bottle has the same NDC Code as called for in the script label package, thereby eliminating one source of possible serious error in filling the script. In this era when pharmacists and their assistants are hard pressed to fill large numbers of scripts and fatigue can lead to errors this is probably the least expensive form of insurance available.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s, DRX-4C

Counting Transaction Receipt Printing

This feature provides the pharmacy and the pharmacist with a detailed record (audit trail) for one or all counting transactions. Torbal offers a miniature printer with a small footprint that is excellent for this purpose (see accessories or the kit option). Table counting logs can be also send to a computer via the RS232 port and then transferred to a data processing software.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s, DRX-4C, DRX-200 / 300, DRX-4C2

Onscreen Instructions

This feature makes using the pill counting capabilities much easier. In pharmacies where there are many temporary or new personnel this feature is a very significant benefit and can reduce the amount of time spent teaching significantly. Imagine the convenience and time savings in not having to keep referring to the Users manual while using the pill counter.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s, DRX-4C, DRX-200 / 300

Remaining to Fill Display

This feature is designed to help the pharmacist achieve cutoff at the proper pill count. The feature is easily understood and provides a consistent display to indicate the proper point at which to stop pouring pills. It is a great help in preventing overfilling and, therefore, a valuable time saving device.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s

Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy

This algorithm allows the User to adjust the average piece weight during pill counting to increase counting accuracy. It is easy to use and is very beneficial when large pill counts are required.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s

Hanheld Barcode Scanner with Automatic Activation

The use of a state-of-the art Laser scanner with excellent depth of field makes reading barcode labels an easy task. The auto triggering capability along with a mounting stand makes hands free operation a reality.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s, DRX-4C

PS/2 External Keyboard Port

This feature allows the user to connect any standard PC Keyboard to the pill counter for full alphanumeric keyboard entries. This is very convenient when entering drug names and Lot Numbers, or any other data. This feature makes pill counting very intuitive and easy.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s

10,000 Drug Database Capacity

This very large database storage capability allows the user to store 4 parameters for each of 10,000 different drugs. This capability, when combined with the ability to add an external PC Keyboard capability for alphanumeric entries, provides the unmatched data entry and storage capabilities required for optimum counting accuracy.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s

NDC Data Entry Remainder

This feature makes sure that Average Piece Weight values are as accurate as possible for optimum counting accuracy. The user selects the interval at which he would like to be reminded. This is another feature designed to make database maintenance fast and easy.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s

Drug Name Labeling

The user has the option of entering the drug name associated with each new drug entered into the database. This is best accomplished by using an alphanumeric keyboard connected to the PS/2 port. Once entered, the scale will display the name of the drug in addition to the NDC number. This allows the pharmacist to quickly verify that he scanned the right drug.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s

LOT Number Labeling

The user has the option of entering the Lot Number associated with each new drug entered into the database. This is best accomplished by using an alphanumeric keyboard connected to the PS/2 port. Keeping track of LOT numbers provides optimum control over the database and keeps the data updated at all times.

Available on: DRX-300s / 500s