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Quality Service Provision with the Help of Automated Pill Counters

Most people are keen to note the way the pharmacists handle and count their drugs during the process of buying drugs. Technology is bringing in useful pill counting machines that allow the pharmacists to count pills efficiently. Automated pill counters will allow the pharmacists to count your medicine accurately and efficiently. You need not watch your clients waiting impatiently while silently cursing you for taking your time counting pills anymore. These counters assist health care providers in areas such as clinics and hospitals.


Automated pill counters come with speed and power. The counters are very fast such that the rate of counting the pills is almost the same as the rate at which you pour them. The counters count the pills as you pour them into the pill vial, which ensures that there is no cross-contamination since there is no exposure to any parts of the units. This also means that you do not have to clean the pills after counting them,which makes your customers happy because of the fast, accurate and clean service.


According to Pharmacy times, automation and the use of such technology in pharmacies saves the patients a lot of time. Counting of pills is quick, and patients can walk out happy and satisfied by the services. The pill counters help in eliminating mistakes and errors that pharmacists can make when counting pills. You might be under pressure to serve many clients, which could lead to you not paying keen attention to the counting. This usually leads to packaging of either few or more pills.


Automated pill counters come with a barcode scanner for verification, LCD displays and an automatic vial tray.You have the chance of verifying the prescriptions using the scale. This is because the scale allows you to verify that you are counting and filling the right drugs. Enabling the verification allows it to become part of the process of pill counting, and you should make sure that you do not give the wrong medicine to the wrong person.


You can connect your automated pill counter with a printer to ensure that you keep a paper trail. The receipt from the printer shows the date and time of the transaction, the name of the drug, the lot number of production, the count and the average weight per pill. This ensures that you give your customers quality service. Contact us for more information on our automated pill counters.