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Speed and Accuracy

Speed and Accuracy

Speed and Accuracy

The pill counting features in all TORBAL DRX digital scales are tested and certified by the National Type Evaluation Program CC# 07-044. The pill counting features and its accuracy are designed to comply with all specifications, tolerances, requirements, and recommendation listed in NIST Handbook 44, Section: T.N.3.10.

T.N.3.10. Prescription Scales with a Counting Feature. - In addition to Table 6 Maintenance Tolerances (for weight), the indicated piece count value computed by a Class I or Class II prescription scale counting feature shall comply with the tolerances in Table T.N.3.10. "(Added 2003)".

Table T.N.3.10
Maintenance and Acceptance Tolerances
in Excess and in Deficiency for Count.

Indication of Count Tolerance
(piece count)
0 to 100 0
101 to 200 1
201 or more 0.5%


Counting pills with a Torbal Pill Counting Scale is a high speed operation where the counting speed is essentially as fast as the user can pour the pills.  A count is displayed essentially as soon a pill is placed into the vial on the pan. After the entire prescription is poured into the vial, it takes only approximately 3 seconds for the scale to display a stability indicator.  So if it takes you 3 seconds to dispense 100 pills into a vial and about 3 seconds for the scale to stabilize, you counted 100 pills in about 6 seconds, which is only 0.06 sec per 1 pill or tablet.

Pouring tablets directly into a vial is another speed boost in the entire pill counting process. Direct vial filling eliminates the possibility of cross contamination, as well as, the attendant’s need for spending time cleaning those parts of the counting mechanism which come in contact with the pills. This time can significantly increase the overall average time per pill count.

Many mechanical pill counters are often full of moving parts, such as hoppers, incline ramps, rotating discs, vibrating plates etc… Pills often come in direct contact with these elements, and by doing so cause cross contamination. In order to avoid this serious problem these parts should be cleaned as often as possible. Disassembling a pill counter and cleaning each part thoroughly is time consuming and takes away from the overall pill counting process. When counting pills on a TORBAL and pouring directly into the vial all the cleaning steps are completely eliminated.