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Why a Pharmacy Pill Counter is the Secret to Having a Peace of Mind

Imagine waiting at the pharmacist’s as your prescription gets filled up. The guy filling your prescription smiles as he counts… One, two, three, four, five… while at the same time trying to maintain eye contact with you. He drops each successive pill inside a small package where he writes ‘3 times a day for 10 days’ on the label. You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to know that 3 times 10 totals to 30 tablets, right?

But what if, when you arrive home and on a whim decide to count the drugs, and discover instead of 30 you have 50 tablets? If it were a bag of apples and you happen to have gotten more than what you bought you wouldn’t want to take them back seeing that an apple a day keeps the doctor away! But this is medicine, and you and I know returning the excess medicine to the pharmacy is the right thing to do. But how do you just head back to the pharmacy and let them know without saying so, that they need to invest in a pharmacy pill counter? How do you point out such an error to a guy whose smile showed you he knew what he was doing?


Every pharmacy should invest in a pharmacy pill counter even if it is merely to repay customers for investing their faith in their pharmacist’s ability to count. A pill counter improves counting accuracy, reduces labor time as well as helps reduce and eliminate dispensing errors that come with manual counting.

Drop us a line today and discover the right pharmacy pill counter that will give you peace of mind. At Fulcrum, Inc, we pride ourselves in having the perfect solution for your pill counting needs. Your pharmacy will improve its efficiency while your staff will dispense the medicine they prescribe with a reassurance that will bring joy to the hearts of your customers, whose trust and life rests in the hands of your staff.