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Torbal’s fastest pill counters

Introducing the DRX-5SX system, Torbal’s fastest pill counters. Accurate, Dependable, and Powerful. Loaded with over 30 features and functions which accelerate pill counting speed, performance, and productivity.

-Counts 100 pills in less than 20 seconds, -Validates prescriptions, -tracks pill counting transaction, -eliminates cross-contamination, -and doesn’t require cleaning or disassembly. The DRX-5SX pill counting system incorporates an all solid state embedded server which can connect up to 30 pill counting DRX500SX workstations. Pill Counting stations connect to the Torbal server wirelessly via WiFi, through your local network, or remotely via the internet. All pill counting and Rx Verification transactions are monitored and logged by the server. The system generates valuable reports and graphs. It also sends automatic e-mail alerts to the administrators in case of user caused miscounts or failed verifications. In addition, the server hosts the entire National Drug Directory; it allows administrators to manage user permissions; it provides all essential networking configuration parameters; and much more, but most importantly, it offers flexibility. The DRX-5SX system can be configured to fit the specific needs of your pharmacy. For instance, it can be used in a very strict manner to control all user activity, or without restrictions where the server is simply used to share drug data among connected pill counting stations. Each DRX workstation is equipped with an Omni-directional high performance barcode scanner which allows for ultra fast scanning of NDC barcodes and user login access cards. Barcodes are scanned instantaneously in any orientation. User-login is easily performed by scanning an access card supplied with the system or by entering a password through the scale’s numeric keypad. Login can be also performed by scanning a bar-coded employee identification card. If there is no need to track user activity on the system, the login feature can be disabled. Pill counting on the DRX500SX workstation is fast and very accurate. A typical 100 pill count is usually performed in approximately 20 seconds, and consists of only 3 steps. One: Tare a vial or disposable weighing boat. - This vital step eliminates cross contamination. Two: Perform RX verification by scanning an NDC barcode located on the supply bottle and then scanning the NDC on the RX vial label. Three: enter the prescription size - an important step when tracking user transactions. Rx verification and prescription size entry features can be disabled to make the counting transaction even faster. Here is an example: Tare, Scan, Fill. During each counting transaction the scale displays important drug information such as the drug name, and strength. To see additional details such as the manufacturer, dosage form, or the packaging type, simply press the F5 Key. One of the most valuable features included in the DRX500SX system is Torbal’s exclusive advanced pill counting accuracy - APA. APA is a sophisticated algorithm that greatly enhances pill counting accuracy. This optional feature can be used while performing your regular script count. To activate APA, simply pause counting between 10 and 15 pills. To increase accuracy further, pause again between 20 and 30 pills. During the short pause, the APA feature automatically adjusts the average piece weight to provide counting results with utmost accuracy. The feature is also used when updating drug weight information thereby eliminating the need for manual sample counting. The Torbal server automatically reminds users to perform the updates based on a user set schedule, usually every 60 days. All updates can be performed while filling regular scripts. When reminded to update, tare the vial and scan the NDC barcode. Begin filling as usual and activate APA by pausing your count between 10 and 15 pills. Pause once again between 20 and 30 pills, and complete your count. The scale will indicate that an update has been performed. New drug data is instantly sent to the Torbal server to be shared with the rest of the pill counting stations in the system. In a typical pharmacy setting the updating process provides increased accuracy but has very little effect on the average prescription counting time. If your pharmacy fills 300 scripts per day, and the top 500 most popular drugs of your formulary are updated every 60 days, the average prescription counting time will increase by approximately nineteen-hundredths of a second over a two month period, making the total prescription time approximately twenty point one nine seconds or less. To access the DRX-5SX administrative panel, simply click on the system application icon using any computer within your local area network. The application will locate the Torbal server and automatically redirect you to the login page which is displayed in your default web browser. The administrative panel is intuitively organized into tabs and sub tabs. The Status tab provides administrators with a visual overview of all pill counting stations connected to the system. The Activity tab includes pie-charts, line-graphs and bar-graphs which show the overall usage of the system. It also includes transaction activity performed by individual workstations or users. Graphs and charts can be set to display data from the current day, week, month, year, or from a specified date range. One of the most useful features of the DRX-5SX administrative panel is the reports tab. Here administrators are able to quickly and easily review pill counting transactions and monitor user activity. The “All Transactions Report” shows details of all pill counting transactions such as date-and-time, name of the user that performed the transaction, details regarding the counted drug, the actual count, prescription size, verification status, as well as the name and identification of the scale that was used for filling. Miscounts and failed verifications are marked red. Transactions can be also viewed for a specified user or a pill counting station. User caused miscounts and transactions which failed Rx verification are sorted into separate reports. All reports can be printed, as well as exported to spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. Another useful report is “Most Frequently Counted Drugs”, which is a list of the most popular drugs within your formulary. The most frequently counted drugs can be viewed for a specified pill counting station, providing data which is very useful in allocating work load. The system can be configured to automatically email alerts and specified reports to the administrator. When enabled, an email alert is instantaneously sent when a miscount occurs, or when Rx verification fails prior to performing a count. Reports can be set to be emailed at a specific time: daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. All reports can be customized to include user specified information. The “Users” tab allows the management of all system users, as well as their permissions and profiles. The “Back-up” and “Update” tabs allow administrators to easily apply patches, perform NDC directory updates, and run system backups. The “Config” tab allows network administrators to configure essential networking parameters of the server and individual pill counting scales. Scales and the server can be assigned with static IP addresses, and configured to work within your local network or connect from remote locations via the internet. The “Database Maintenance” tab allows you to quickly and easily manage the server’s database. Large pharmacy chains and hospitals can take advantage of the Windows PC version of the server which eliminates the need for the dedicated server and allows for connection of a virtually unlimited number of pill counting scales. The 5SX system is designed to emphasize affordability, scalability, and substantial return on investment. Whether your system consists of 100 scales or just one or two, you can be sure to achieve outstanding speed, performance and accuracy. Thank you for choosing TORBAL Rx, You can count in us.