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Can a New Pharmacy Scale Really Help you Serve your Customers Faster?

If you're old enough to remember the "Good Old Days", you're probably marveling at how things have changed.

In the "Good Old Days", people would write letters to people when they wanted to communicate to them. They would call people on the phone, and telephones were only located in homes. If you called someone, and that person wasn't home, they didn't always know you called unless you were one of the people who were rich enough to have one of those new-fangled answering machines.

Thirty years ago, people were accustomed to waiting for the things they wanted. As time went on, and as technology advanced, they began to get a little bit more impatient. Now, if you're using your iPhone to access Facebook, and it takes more than a few seconds, you consider getting a newer cell phone model.


These same customers are the ones you're serving in your pharmacy. How many times have you taken a prescription from a customer and told that customer it would be 20 minutes before their medication was ready for them? Some people are understanding, but the fact is, they just don't like to wait.

John Tschohl, who is the President of Service Quality Institute said it best in a recent press release, when he stated, "In today’s world, customers want it now. They won’t wait in a doctor’s office for an hour. They won’t stand on long lines. If they can’t get something quickly, they will go to another provider."

When it comes to serving your customers faster, a great deal of your efficiency depends upon your pharmacy scale. You probably spend a lot of time cleaning your scales to ensure that your customers are safe from cross-contamination. The cleaning process, as well as the steps you take to count pill accurately, really slows down the time it takes for you to give your customers the quick service they want.

Our pharmacy scales will help you completely avoid cross contamination, while accurately counting pills. You'll not only cut down on your customers' wait time, but you'll also improve their entire customer service experience.

If you would like more information on our pharmacy scales, we'd love to talk to you. Contact us today.