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Are Pill Counters Contaminated?

It's a question that no customer at your pharmacy will probably ever ask. It's true. When your customers come in to get a prescription filled, some of them are placing their lives in your hands. All of them are placing their health in your hands. You won't find any of them asking your pharmacy technicians if your pill counters are contaminated because the fact is, they're just not thinking about it.

Contamination isn't for pharmacies, at least not in the eyes of your customers. Contamination is something that happens to meat that's not handled the proper way, or produce that comes into contact with salmonella. In fact, the Canadian news website, The Globe and Mail recently published an article that discussed the recall of Halloween candy this year. It was discovered that the individually-wrapped chocolate Kisses contained metal fragments, so the article served as a warning to customers as well as retail outlets.

Cross-contamination is a concern for every pharmacy, and regardless of how well you attempt to manage this for your facility, no method is going to eliminate the problem entirely. Except, of course, creating a way for the pills to never touch the surface of the counter. Not only can other drugs get mixed in with your patients' prescriptions, but residue that's left behind from pills that were counted earlier can cause cross-contamination as well.

Our pill counters actually give you and your staff an incredible peace of mind. Because your patients' pills never actually come into contact with the surface of the counter itself, there's never any concern about possible contamination. Your pharmacy will instantly improve its speed and efficiency, and you'll be able to sleep better at night knowing that the trust that your customers are placing in you is well-deserved, and earned.

Doesn't it make sense to allow your customers to continue trusting in your excellent service? After all, why should they be concerned about cross contamination? Especially, when you're not.

For more information about our pill counters and avoiding contamination within your pharmacy, contact us today!