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Pharmaceutical Promotions

When it comes to getting your company's name and image cemented in the minds of potential customers, there are variety of media you can use. Business cards. Promotional flyers. Mailers. What do these things have in common? They're disposable. In the grand scheme of thongs, these all usually amount to clutter that will eventually be tossed.

Printing your logo and contact information on an object that your potential customer will keep around and use…that’s valuable.  Printing your logo and contact information on freely given items that your customer will keep…that’s even better.  Very few people are immune to the lure of…free stuff.

Go to a convention or conference.  Count the number of people walking around with bags full of pens, keyholders and other items branded with company information.  More to the point, see if you yourself leave empty-handed.

Promotional items are an important sales tool that should not be overlooked in a company’s marketing mix.  If an item that is kept around and continually used has a company’s information on it, chances are that when the person using the item needs a product or service in that company’s field….that company will get the call.  A savvy company will employ the services of a promotional products manufacturer to make interesting promotional items.

Let’s look at Pharma-Insight, a promotional products manufacturer based in Toronto.  Pharma-Insight specializes in branding items for use in the pharmaceutical industry.  They offer products targeted to doctors, pharmacists and patients.

For doctors, they offer custom-imprinted educational items such as anatomical models, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes and rubber medical hammers for testing knee reflexes.

For pharmacists, Pharma-Insight makes a range of pill counting trays, spatulas, baskets and calculators.

For patients, you can brand a wide range of products like pill reminder boxes, pedometers and thermometers.

And there is a fourth category, a unique product that is fun for all three groups: the “stress reliever.”  These are pieces of foam in a variety of shapes that can be squeezed to dissipate stress-related muscle tension.  Pharma-Insight makes stress relievers in the shape of various internal organs, bones and pill capsules.

You may be thinking to yourself: a toy?  I’m going to spend money on toys?  This is understandable…but on the other hand, when’s the last time you threw out something you genuinely had fun with?  You probably didn’t.  Neither will your potential customers.

If someone has a keepsake with your information on it, you have an edge over your competitors. You’ll be the one they think of when they need someone in your service category.  Branded promotional items can give you the edge you need in a crowded marketplace.