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Compounding During Rough Economic Times

As we move forward into 2009, the worldwide economic picture is becoming increasingly grim.  People are worried, and this is starting to translate into falling consumer confidence.  Until there is believable light at the end of the tunnel, things are going to remain, in the words of the ancient Chinese curse, “interesting.”

Pharmacies are definitely going to feel the effects of the current financial pinch.  However, one immutable fact remains: people are not going to stop getting sick or hurt.  So they are still going to need prescription medications.  Pharmacies are still going to have to process a large number of prescriptions and compound medications for patients.  The ability to procure affordable pharmacy automation equipment will be of paramount importance to the owners and managers of drug stores and pharmacies.

One company who products stand at the crossroads of affordability and quality is Torbal.  Torbal scales offer excellent performance for their price, and have been known for decades to be solidly built and ready to handle the needs of a high-volume pharmacy.

Speed and accuracy are important to a pharmacist with a lot of prescriptions to fill.  The pill counting method employed by the DRX series counter minimizes counting error. Another time-saver: the counter does not need to be cleaned after every use.  This prevents a time-wasting headache and prevents cross-contamination.

Let’s examine the varieties of prescription scales and pill counters that Torbal offers.  Torbal offers products that meet the needs of pharmacies both large and small.

The DRX-4C2 offers basic pill counting with an excellent price to performance ratio.  It has an easy to read LCD counter and the ability to print out transaction receipts and recipes.  For the small pharmacy on a budget, the 4C2 is a great option.

The DRX300 has a wider range of options at a very affordable price.  Features include a backlit display, a excellent array of counting and compounding functions, and onscreen instructions.  Furthermore, automatic internal calibration prevents the pharmacist from wasting time and energy.

The DRX-4C has all the features of the 4C-2 and ADDS a hand-held laser scanner. Three-step counting and NDC verification make the accurate filling of prescriptions a breeze.  A 3000-capacity database rounds out the package.

For high-volume pharmacies seeking the optimum in pill counting technology, the DRX300 and DRX500 are the best options.  A 10,000-capacity database guarantees safety and accuracy in NDC verification.  9 counting features and 6 compounding features, combined with automatic internal calibration, provide the perfect combination for the busy pharmacist.

It is to be hoped that these rough times will soon end, but in the meantime Torbal scales offer pharmacies a way to maximize time and profit.