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TORBAL ® Rx brings you - experience our tablet counters, learn about our technology, understand the features...

Introducing the DRX-5SX system, Torbal’s fastest pill counters. Accurate, Dependable, and Powerful. Loaded with over 30 features and functions which accelerate pill counting speed, performance, and productivity.
The 500SX demo shows the system in action. It outlines the most important features and attributed of our tablet counters in just 2.5 minutes. After watching the video download the product catalog for detailed descriptions of all functions.

Just because you’re looking for the perfect tablet counter, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice dependability just to stay on budget. From its scalable design to its ability to satisfy pill counting needs of highest magnitude, the DRX-500SX system provides a strong foundation for your pharmacy to grow and build an affordable automation solution right out of the box. DRX-500SX System...


An ideal combination of price and performance, the DRX-500SX pill counter is designed to provide productivity and scalability gains well beyond the range of standard Rx Counter. With features and functions that offer more than just "the basics," the DRX-500SX provides a cost-efficient solution for your pharmacy automation needs.

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If you're old enough to remember the "Good Old Days", you're probably marveling at how things have changed. In the "Good Old Days", people would write letters to people when they wanted to communicate to them. They would
Imagine waiting at the pharmacist’s as your prescription gets filled up. The guy filling your prescription smiles as he counts… One, two, three, four, five… while at the same time trying to maintain eye contact with you.
Finding the Best Way to Count Pills 22 November 2013, 17.55
Finding the best way to count pills can be difficult, because it's a process that is very important. Here's what you should look for in a pill counter: Accuracy: It may seem obvious, but a pill counter needs to be accurate.