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Versatile connection capabilities - remote via the internet, Wi-Fi, or local network

DRX-5 Workstations connect to the TORBAL Rx Server in four different ways. The Wi-Fi connection type offers a plug and play set up of the system. Wi-Fi scales are pre-configured to automatically connect with the TORBAL server wirelessly. This connection type is suitable in an environment where the scales are within 120' (32m) proximity of the TORBAL Rx Server and the wireless path is not obstructed by large or heavy structures.

The LAN (Local Area Network) connection allows the TORBAL server to connect directly to your local area network. In this connection the server, as well as, all the DRX workstations scales can be assigned with static IP addresses and connect to directly to any switch, hub or Ethernet wall-plug in your pharmacy network. The LAN connection is most suitable for medium to large network environments where DRX workstation scales are part of the same network but located far-away from the TORBAL server.

DRX Workstation scales can be also connected to the server remotely via the internet using WAN (Wide Area network). This allows workstation scales to connect to the server and share drug data from any location that has internet access. This configuration type is particularly useful to pharmacy owners with multiple stores in different locations.

Another Plug-and-Play connection can be made by connecting DRX workstation scales directly to the Torbal server. This connection is suitable if the scales are in close proximity of the server or if network cables can be easily connected to the Torbal server. The server comes standard with three built in private scale ports. An optional expansion card allows for four additional built-in private ports. Also, a switch or a hub can be added in order to provide more private scale ports.

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