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What to expect from TORBAL in the near future?

PCS-1 and the TORBAL Pill Counting System...

Fulcrum Inc. is presently working on the development of the first TORBAL mechanical pill counter. The PCS-1 is fast, safe, accurate, fully automatic and maintenance free. Just like in our pill counting scales, cross contamination in the PCS-1 is fully eliminated. Pills and tablets are extracted from the supply bottle directly into the vial, and never come in contact with parts of the pill counter. For detailed specifications, images and videos please go to the “PCS-1 Concept Counter” tab in the Main Menu.

Fulcrum is also working on the development of a pharmacy pill counting system for larger pharmacies where multiple stations may be required for filling scripts.  The system allows multiple users access to a common database used for pill counting.  Each workstation uses a simplified version of Torbal’s DRX-500s prescription balance (with internal self calibration) to count pills at high rates.  Each station has an auto-triggering laser scanner to enter the supply bottle NDC code, and to verify the drug with a label packet NDC code (optional).

The system envisions one station serving as the data input point where all arriving supply bottles are logged into the system and average piece weights are kept current.  This relieves all of the other workstations from ever having to enter or update piece weight information.  Pill counting becomes a 3 step operation (4 steps if verification is used); tare the vial weight (press a tare button), scan the supply bottle label, pour the pills to the desired count.  This is a very high speed operation with no possibility for cross contamination and no parts cleaning.

The common database is stored in a server which accepts inputs from the master logging station and feeds the slave work stations.  The master station may also be used as a work station.  The database capacity is well over 30,000 drugs.