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Torbals newest prescription pill counter

Torbal's new DRX-5SX prescription pill counter is their fastest counter yet. Accurately counting 100 pills in 20 seconds. The DRX-5SX comes loaded with over thirty features and functions that speed up counting, while improving performance and productivity. It validates prescriptions, tracks pill counting transactions, eliminates cross contamination and doesn't require cleaning or dis-assembly.



The DRX-5SX utilizes a solid state server that connects with up to thirty workstations. Each station communicates with the server wirelessly through Wi-Fi, your local network or via the Internet. All pill counting and prescription verifications are monitored and logged by the server. From this information the system generates valuable reports and graphs. It sends automatic e-mail alerts to administrators in case of user miscounts or verification failures. The server also hosts the entire National Drug Directory, allows administrators to monitor user permissions, provides all essential networking configuration parameters, and so much more.

The system can be configured to meet the specific needs of your pharmacy. For example, it can be used under very strict conditions, controlling all user activity or with no restrictions at all where the server is used to share drug information with other connected stations. Each DRX workstation comes equipped with an omnidirectional high performance bar code scanner that allows for ultra fast scanning of NDC bar codes and user log in access cards. User log in is easily performed by scanning a supplied access card or entering a password on the scales numeric keypad. Bar coded employee badges may also be used. If there is on need to track user activity on the scale, the log in feature can be disabled.

For more information on the DRX-5SX and its many more capabilities, contact us.