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The Growing Popularity of Torbal Tablet Counters

As we move forward into the 21st Century, the challenges facing the health care industry are daunting.  The oldest members of the postwar baby boom ( 1946 to 1964 ) are approaching legal retirement age.  The graying of the largest generation in American history will place incredible strain upon hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies.

One thing we can say for sure is that pills are going to be a primary method of medicine delivery for at least the near future.  Accurate counting of pills will therefore remain a very important function of pharmacies both large and small.  And the volume of prescriptions filled every day is only going to increase over the next thirty years, as the boomers reach senescence.

TORBAL pill counters will play an important role in serving the needs of this gray tsunami.  Over seventy years of experience and technical expertise have gone into the design of the tablet counters that Torbal currently offers.

Torbal products are safe.  The pill counting method employed by DRX series counters minimizes human error on the part of those dispensing the pills.  Furthermore, the machines do not need to be cleaned after every count, thus both saving time and preventing dangerous cross-contamination.

Torbal products are accurate.  They are NTEP - certified for both pill counting and prescription weighing and range in capacity from 200 grams to 500 grams with .001g readability. All scales are legal for trade and meet the requirements of Handbook 44.

A wide range of product options are available for pharmacies of all sizes.  No matter what your price range, there is a Torbal pill counter that will meet your needs perfectly.

For small pharmacies on a budget, the DRX-4C2 offers basic pill counting with an excellent price to performance ratio.  It features an easy to read LCD counter and the ability to print out transaction receipts and recipes.

The DRX300 offers those who need basic pill counting with a wider range of options at a very affordable price.  The 300 has an excellent backlit display, a wide range of counting and compounding functions, and onscreen instructions.  Furthermore, automatic internal calibration saves time and effort on the pharmacist’s part.

Moving up a notch, the DRX-4C has all the features of the 4C-2, but adds a handheld barcode scanner to the package.  Three-step counting and NDC verification make the filling of prescriptions a snap.  A 3000 capacity database rounds out the package.

For high-volume pharmacies seeking the best in pill counting, the DRX300 and DRX500 are your best bet.  A 10,000 capacity database guarantees safety and accuracy in NDC verification.  9 counting features and 6 compounding features, combined with automatic internal calibration, make for a formidable package.

Torbal scales will keep pace with the increasingly demanding needs of the modern pharmacy at all levels.