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What's new in the DRX-5 series?

New in the DRX-5 series:

One of the major features that separate the DRX-5 series from the previous series is the addition of automatic internal calibration.  This state-of –the art feature allows the pharmacist the luxury of knowing that the scale is in calibration at all times. The scale automatically calibrates itself at startup, pre-set time intervals, or whenever required by temperature changes.  The need for an external calibration weight is eliminated, while providing the user with confidence that measurements are accurate and correct.

A very important new feature is a greatly expanded database both in terms of quantity and parameters.  The new database can store up to 10,000 NDC codes along with their average piece weights, drug names, and lot numbers.   New drugs are quickly and easily added to the database, which may be maintained by updating the stored sample sizes and pill weights. Another new feature, the data entry reminder feature, reminds the user to update drug data, such as the average piece weight and sample size. The feature tracks NDC entries and displays a message reminding the user to update the database with new information for optimum accuracy. An associated new feature is the addition of a PS/2 port which allows the user to connect any standard PC keyboard to the unit in order to facilitate the quick entry of alpha-numeric characters for the drug names and lot numbers.  Torbal offers a reduced keyboard as an accessory that is very convenient for this purpose.

Another new feature is the use of a large LCD graphic display which allows the presentation of on-screen instructions.  These instructions assist the user throughout all of the machine functions.  They are especially valuable in the compounding function where the scale guides the user through every step of the process, making compounding fast, easy, and accurate.

Within the compounding feature is a new Filling Meter function that assists the user in the filling process. The meter is a none-linear indicator that indicates a cut-off point at which the meter indicator becomes very sensitive, thereby allowing the user to stop filling at the desired weight with greater accuracy.

Also new is an advanced pill counting algorithm that can adjust for production LOT pill weight variations and provide even greater accuracy when counting large quantities. The feature is very easy to use and requires little user interaction.
A new compounding feature allows storing entire recipes in a library that can be viewed at a later time. The archived record includes the date, time and total of a performed compound as well as the name and the weight of each ingredient.