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A Pill Counting Machine will Reduce Errors in Disbursement

Medication mistakes are frighteningly common in the health industry. A recent study published in the Journal of American Informatics Association shows that using  a pill counting machine greatly reduces errors in drug disbursement. Not only can they be expensive, they have the full potential to be harmful to the patient. The institute of Medicine estimates that hospitalized patients receive an erroneous dose of medication at least once a day.


Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems, which include automated pill counting machines, greatly reduce mistakes. Medication orders run through a CPOE helps reduce errors made due to poor handwriting or incorrect transcription. As a result of these findings, the Institute of Medicine is recommending that more e-prescriptions and automation be used in the disbursement of medication.

People make mistakes, that's a fact of life. Using pill counting machines and automated prescriptions has been proven to reduce these errors by almost half. Another advantage to automation is most CPOE systems offer functions such as, drug dosage support, harmful interaction alerts, and clinical decision support which may reduce mistakes further still.

According to another aspect of this study, more and more health care professionals are turning to the use of pill counting machines and CPOE systems. Considering the importance of proper medication dosing and the proven fact that automation reduces mistakes, thus saving money and more importantly, lives, everyone handling medication needs to implement an automated system.

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