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Return on investment...

Whenever pondering the question of purchasing new equipment, one question arises:  “Am I going to see a return on this investment?”  This is a valid concern.  In the case of the TORBAL  DRX series of digital pill counters, the answer is: Yes.  And soon.

There are three costs to consider.

The first is the amount of time saved when filling prescriptions.  The work of counting pills by hand is not only a drag on the pharmacist’s time, but is, let’s face it, not much fun.  The DRX pill counter offers a significant time savings, and increases the number of scripts than can be filled per day.  The greater the number of scripts filled, the quicker you see a return on your investment.  If the volume of prescriptions and amount of available counter space makes it possible, furnishing a pharmacy with multiple pill counters can provide an even greater return.

A hidden cost with adopting any new equipment is the learning curve: “How much time will I have to spend figuring out how to use this thing before I can put it on the line?”  With the DRX pill counters, the answer is: very little.

All of our pill counters are designed to be easy in use and intuitive. Every pill counting scales is furnished with easy to follow instruction manuals and quick reference guides. In addition, the DRX-5s is equipped with a graphical LCD display that displays onscreen instructions which guide and assist the user throughout the pill counting functions. All TORBAL pill counting features are designed in a form of a short wizard and can be used essentially right out of the box.

And then we come to the greatest potential cost of all: time spent on verifying that the right prescription has been filled. Since manual verification is time consuming TORBAL offers an Rx Verification feature which compares the NDC code found on the supply bottle to the NDC code found on the Rx Label.